Plymouth Apartments

824 West Galena Street

Milwaukee, WI 53205

(414) 263-1020

Seniors 62+

Service Coordinator:

Renelle Nelson


Cambridge Apartments

1831 N Cambridge Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53202(414) 272-4155

Seniors 62+

Service Coordinator:

Geralyn Juettner


Greentree & Teutonia Apartments

3744 W Green Tree Rd

Milwaukee, WI 53209



Program Coordinator:

Vicki Davidson



Packer Townhouses

1927 Northport Drive

Madison, WI 53704

(608) 249-0160


Program Coordinator:

Jacki Thomas


Northport Apartments

1740 Northport Drive

Madison, WI 53704(608) 249-9281


Program Coordinator:

Pat Steele


Each property is unique through the programs offered. The family housing properties offer large Neighborhood Learning Centers with qualified, professional coordinators and state-of-the-art computer and video recording labs. Program coordinators organize programming for all ages to offer after school enrichment programs, tutoring, gardening, field trips, summer enrichment, computer training, Head-Start and child care services.

The senior properties offer on-site service coordinators who plan activities to enrich the lives of the senior population. Computer labs with high-speed internet access and training are available. Community meals, celebrations, shopping, and volunteer programs bring unity and community spirit to the residents.

The philosophy of organizational development was to integrate human services into the structure of housing management. The program philosophy, rich in social gospel theological principles, is multi-disciplinary. Psychology, sociology, business, ethics, organizational development, and social justice practices are at the center of the programs. Multiple partnerships with other providers serve to meet the day care, Head Start, after-school, adult education and employment training needs of the residents that are being served. They also provide a service to others in the mainstream community. Extensive computer technology labs serve as a resource base for enhancing education and employment programs. These promote the self-sufficiency and independence of our low-income population. These centers have received the Hammer Awards from the Vice President of the United States.

The Board of Directors have set up scholarship endowments to assist recent graduates and adults the opportunity to achieve the otherwise impossible goal of a college degree. The ministry has established partnerships with area universities so that college credit can be earned right on site where child care is offered to assist families with single parents.

To learn more about the programs, contact the Service Coordinator at the elderly housing community, or the Program Coordinator at the family housing development listed to the left.


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