Packer Townhouses 1927 Northport Drive Madison, WI 53704-3019 (608) 249-0160

Manager: Sandra Willis-Smith

Multi – Family

Packer Townhouses, located one block from Northport Apartments, is a townhouse community serving 140 low-income families. Its emphasis on employment and education is identical to Northport’s.

Packer Community Learning Center houses a Neighborhood Networks computer lab with 30 work stations.  This cutting-edge equipment is reflective of a resident-driven emphasis on graphic arts, web design, and digital video production. Not only have residents accessed training, but they are becoming training providers in the community. Partners in technology at Northport and Packer include the University of Wisconsin, Madison Metropolitan School District, Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth, Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of America, Inc., Madison Police Department and the Dane County job center.